Clay Cutters

Here you can find all the frequently asked questions about shipping, polymer clay care, and more.

  • How to best contact you?

    Please reach out via email to for order inquiries. Please do not reach out via instagram DM about orders. DM's can get overloaded especially on restock days and a message can get lost or overlooked in the chaos. It simply is not an efficient and reliant way of communicating about an order. Please email me, Julia, at for all order inquiries so I can better track and respond to your needs.

  • Do you accepts returns or exchanges?

    Due to quality control and hygiene issues, we do not accept returns or exchanges. Being a small business, we don't have the capacity to accept and process returns. Please look carefully at item pictures and descriptions, and ask all questions before purchasing.

  • What if my package is stolen or lost?

    We are not liable for the amount of time the post office takes to scan in an item once it is dropped off, or if a package is lost by USPS, and will not give refunds on this basis. Once an item leaves our hands, we are not responsible for issues that may be caused by USPS, including delayed delivery, lost items, stolen items, etc. We will not refund or replace these items.

  • What is polymer clay?

    Polymer clay is a moldable type of vinyl that cures to a permanently hardened state with heat. It is extremely lightweight and bends before breaking, making it an ideal medium for many types and styles of jewelry.

  • How to best take care of polymer clay jewelry?

    Even though polymer clay is durable and strong, it still needs to be cared for correctly. It can be easily broken with improper use and storage, especially if the design is delicate. If tossed in a purse or bag full of other items, they are more susceptible to damage.

    The best way to keep your gems healthy and happy is to store them in a cool, dry spot.

    Avoid showering or swimming while wearing your jewelry, keep them away from perfumes or harsh chemicals to preserve the vibrant colours!

  • Do you offer wholesale?

    At this time, I do not BUT do plan on creating a wholesale catalogue in the near future for all you stockists out there!